Learning How to Fight Housing Precarity in Haitian Rural Areas


New Story builds safe homes in place of slum tents for poor families in developing countries. It works with local partners to secure nearby land for a slum community and then fund and build ~$6,000 homes for each family. It uses curated partnerships for other community components: school, clean water, electricity, solar power, access to healthcare, and income opportunities.

Couple standing at the front of one of the first mortar homes built with the support of New Story. Leveque, Haiti. © 2015 OneNine Images / New Story.

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About This Speaker

Key Info about the Speaker

Name: New Story
Type: Nonprofit
Founded in: 2005
Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
Operates in: Haiti; El Salvador

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New Story Charity. "For Locals, By Locals – New Story Process." YouTube video. Posted by New Story, December 2016.

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Learning Goals of the Videoconference

  • Identify the daily challenges faced by rural slum residents in various areas, including housing, clean water supply, sanitation, energy, healthcare, and lack of access to basic facilities and services.
  • Explain the impact of the housing poverty on on public health and social development.
  • Examine the strategies to build more-sustainable communities in rural slums through the example of the construction of safe homes.
  • Identify the objectives, key programs, and accomplishments of a social nonprofit whose mission is to build safe homes in place of slum tents for poor families in developing countries.
  • Identify skills and strategies required to create effective change for a humanitarian issue through social crowdfunding.

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