Learning How Smart Aid Initiatives Can Help Displaced People in Syria

Speaker: Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation provides humanitarian aid, medical relief, and educational programs to children and families living in refugee camps inside Syria or in neighboring countries. Its initiatives are community-driven and are expanding to include sustainable development projects initiated by Syrian refugees. Karam strives not to just place aid-bandaids but instead develop tools to build a better future in Syria.

A Karam healthcare professional provides dental hygiene instructions to Syrian children refugees in Atmeh, Syria. © 2013–2015 Mohamad Ojjeh / Karam Foundation.

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About This Speaker

Key Info about the Speaker

Name: Karam Foundation
Type: Nonprofit
Founded in: 2007
Headquarters: Lake Forest, Illinois, USA
Operates in: Syria; Turkey; Lebanon; Jordan

Watch This Video

Sergie Attar, Lina (Co-founder and CEO of Karam Foundation). "Humanitarian Aid in Syria." Interview by Beverly Kirk for the CSIS Global Health Policy Center. YouTube video. Posted by CSIS Smart Global Health, April 2014.

Who Will Be Your Interlocutor?

Name: Lilah Khoja
Title: Advocacy Coordinator at Karam Foundation
More: M.A., Public Health, University of Michigan, 2019; Research Assistant at the Center for Middle East Development, University of California, Los Angeles, 2011–2014.


Learning Goals of the Videoconference

  • Explain how civil armed conflicts lead to massive displacement of populations, cross-border migrations, and the formation of informal settlements and camps in border areas.
  • Describe the living conditions in refugee camps, and identify the most urgent needs of the people living there.
  • Examine strategies to provide smart aid and sustainable, lasting development in conflicted areas through community-driven programs.
  • Identify the objectives, key programs, and accomplishments of a humanitarian nonprofit whose mission is to provide humanitarian aid for displaced children and families in a conflicted area.
  • Identify skills and strategies required to create effective change for a humanitarian issue.

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